Tuesday, 28 October 2014


Paris - SHE

I often see her in my neighborhood.
She has a nice face and sometimes I am able to smile or talk a little bit with her.

One day she told me that she used to live in a caravan on a terrain vague just outside of Paris until a group of young boys set fire onto her caravan. She was heartbroken, her cat had kittens and they were inside the caravan. There was a dog inside too. They all got burnt.
She didn’t want to live there anymore, she is thinking of living permanently on the street now. She makes about 6 euros a day. If she wants to take a shower she goes to the Gare du Nord, but she has to get out there as soon as she can, because she gets lost in places like that, she gets lost in her head and then everything goes wrong.
One day she was married to a Scotsman, for only one year of her life, but she says it is good she left, because she would have gotten lost in the Highlands. It is better she is not together anymore.

She says that she is happy and I want to believe her.

Japan’s silence

I feel clumsy, trying to stay quiet. I watch how the women around me at the big wooden table carefully eat their rice and delicate looking salad.
There is a reserved concentration in each movement that they make and that I am unable to copy. When I walk outside I am relieved to see a young couple burst out in an ecstatic laughter.

Tokyo city flower  
Paris - Metro happiness

They are connected through a white electrical wire, a boy and a girl.
The wire is plugged into his left ear and into her right. He looks calm and happy. His fingers of his fine brown hands start to move to the rhythm of the music that he apparently is listening to. His body starts to move too. She is not moving and no emotion is visible on her body or face, just a calm energy. She brings her soft porcelain white hand towards her chin as if thinking. Her fingers curl like a blossoming flower around the white wire. I look at my own hands, red and full of lines and wrinkles. A smile appears on her face as she lets the sound enter her body too. I can hear no sound, but I can sense their happiness.

Thursday, 31 July 2014

The Accidental Fold - Edinburgh 

A few days ago I took down my show - The Accidental Fold - that was on view in the National Museum of Scotland in EdinburghUnderneath you will find some images from the show.

The Accidental Fold explored the hidden beauty of found objects – things dropped or discarded destined to decay and disappear. I rescued them from their fate and transforms them into works of fragile beauty. 
The objects that I bring home have the shape of the ‘passing of time’. For example, a piece of folded paper bearing the shape of a pocket where it had been held for hours, then the traces of the hand that had wrinkled it minutes prior to discarding it. Finally, the folded piece of paper bearing the organic stamp of being trampled by hundreds of footsteps, flattening and folding its surface.
In the National Museum of Scotland I exhibited inside their beautiful Sculpture Gallery.

I carefully placed each printed object next to one of the sculptures already present finding abstract or direct relationships with each sculpture.

The staff from the National Museum of Scotland have all been so wonderful to work with. Eileen Budd, just before leaving gave me one her own found objects. A very precious treasure.Thank you Eileen!

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Edinburgh International Fashion Festival

Coming up very soon: the second installation of The Accidental Fold in the National Museum of Scotland as part of Edinburgh International Fashion Festival organized by the wonderful Anna Freemantle!

"This is our third festival and we are thrilled to present a series of exceptional, curated events across Edinburgh in some of the most unique and beautiful venues the city can boast. Our aim with the festival is to present International luminaries and local heroes on the same platform and to captivate the industry and general public in original, thought-provoking ways. For more information www.edinburghinternationalfashionfestival.com"

Anna Freemantle, Director, Edinburgh International Fashion Festival

flyer for my show made by Eric Haberfeld

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Finding Agnes Martin 

On a recent visit to New York I finally found my way to Dia Beacon, one of the most beautiful museums I have ever seen so far. 

I did not know the works of the painter Agnes Martin before, but her soft  paintings with lines and grids stuck in my mind after I had left. Her paintings gave me an intense sense of peace and tranquility, a space to breathe. I wanted to know a bit more about her life and work and so I bought the documentary "Agnes Martin, with my back to the world" made by Mary Lance. 

The last months I have been more intensely exploring slowing down things in my life and the importance of emptying the mind to become more concentrated. 

Agnes Martin found the truth on her route through life, she can only say these things because she found out for herself:

"I gave up on all facts entirely in order to have an empty mind for inspiration to come into. 
If your mind is full of garbage, if inspiration came, you would not recognize it anyway.  
So you have to practice to quiet the mind. "

she goes on:

" I think the aim of people is wrong.  All is about ambition, striving for more.  I believe in sitting around waiting for inspiration.  All aggressive behavior is wrong.  You go out and do and attack things . All this hard fast life, go,go,go! I am absolutely convinced that with a soft attitude you receive more."

and on:

"It's very hard to quiet the mind, you have to go slower and slower and stop. Then your mind is at rest, and then you have to not try to hard.  I found out that the best way is to just look around you and don't look for anything just be in the mood to see the truth.  It's a happy state of mind, very small happiness.

and on:

"Suffering means that you have chosen a negative.  when you make a negative choice, you have made a choice that will be harmful to yourself or somebody else.  A positive choice is a choice that will make you or somebody else happy and comfortable. Only the positive choices count. "

Her words made me think of a cardboard sign I found on the street of New York recently:

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Nest - One nest stand

Presentation of the first installation of "The accidental Fold" in The Hague. 
Upcoming Edinburgh International Fashion Festival 18 July - 28 July.

photo's Jhoeko

Wednesday, 9 April 2014


Exhibition, Thursday May 1st, 20.00 - 24.00 Hours
NEST De Constant Rebecqueplein 20B, The Hague

Curator: Charlott Markus
A short lived exhibition, 4 hours in which a mark and  reminder is left that most things perish, vanish or evaporate; even though we, as humans, leave marks and traces behind to be found, to be considered and to be reflected on.
'Some things perishable' has the ambition to be a poetic but confrontational experience. Life and things disappear but will also reappear in different shapes, creating marks and traces.


Sunday, 9 March 2014



Sometimes pictures contain no memories. 
During my trip to Cambodia this winter I used a Agfa Clack. It is hard to see what the camera sees.  

The echo of the 19th century explorers can be felt at the temples of Angkor.
The roots of the magnificent jungle trees pierce through the ancient stones.
The stones are kept together by the roots of the trees and balance like contortionists on top of each other. Pieces of stone scattered over kilometers of ground, most of it is a huge impossible to solve puzzle by now. 

The reality of our world is not very far.
A light tap on your leg by the hands of a small child. 
"one dollar miss, one dollar".